Data Integration Solutions

  • AdvanceRetail - a case study

    Our customer had an old website serving a mail order business, plus multiple franchises around the country. This was all running from their AdvanceRetail ( ERP and POS system, which was sending product data to the website and also to the terminals in the shops. We replaced their website and worked with them to cater better for their needs. They had customer data on AdvanceRetail and on the website, and wanted it merged and cleansed in order to provide a reliable mailing list. We connected the databases and created a staging area where updates from either side could flow through and update the other. This was not straightforward due to differences in address representation, as well as spelling mistakes.

    AdvanceRetail has now produced a more comprehensive API, and we are working with them to ensure that our customers needs are met for the purposes of order transfer, product specials and other data.