Web development

  • Web development

    There are a number of excellent online applications available for businesses these days.

    However, sometimes it's hard to find an app that's a good fit for your specific needs. Why settle for mediocrity? Talk to us. We are experts at extending or modifying applications, or even writing new ones.

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    3D images - Mesh transformation, rendering, conversion...

    Workflow systems - Job and time tracking, project management...

  • What can you do?

    We have extensive experience with a huge range of technologies. We're fluent in website and database technology, and set up Linux servers on a regular basis. We're constantly on the lookout for new techniques. Some are good, and others not so.

    A lot more is possible today than just a few years ago. New technologies are emerging constantly. But none of them are magic. If you want a site that works like Google, you need to know how much Google invests daily in their technology. On the other hand, Google and many other companies release a lot of technology for free. We can guide you through the options, and tell you what's possible and within budget.

  • How much will it cost?

    Good question. Of course, the more you want it to do, the more it will cost. But there are other factors that can make a huge impact:

    • Are you settled on the design? A change of plan partway can often cause a rethink of fundamental design components, and may require a rework from scratch.
    • How many devices should it work on? Even if it's just a web site, a design that can readjust itself for the smallest of screens and still look good on huge monitors can take two or three times longer.
    • What sort of performance are you looking for? We can make you a site that works like Facebook. But if you want a billion global logins, that's a different story. If you're looking for a system that's tuned to your business processes, we'll need to understand fully how you work.

    These factors need to be known at the start in order to properly estimate the likely cost. A good guide to the cost of mobile apps is here.

  • Which technology should I use?

    Ask us, and we'll be happy to guide you. For mobile apps, there's a trade-off between a fast native app, and a slower but universally accessible web site. Often you don't need an app at all. But talk to us, and we can help you choose.

    Often, the mantra is to keep things simple. Plan for something small but useful, and you will have something to release early and generate business. Then you can work out what other features are really necessary.

    We know how things work.