Data Integration Solutions

  • Workflow Systems

    We've been doing this for decades. Our first problem was to make a timer so we knew how long each job took. Somewhere safe for all our passwords, and something to manage jobs and customers. This grew and developed as we did, providing the tracking and reporting that we needed, and many other functions that we added as time went by. So we've had extensive experience in customising a system to meet our own needs. If it's job tracking, reporting, linking up to Xero, management of clients, we've done it all. Of course, there are plenty of systems out there that let you manage workflow. But each business operates differently, and it can take some careful planning to get it right. We will happily talk you through your needs.

    Need a system that can work offline? Recognise speech and use it to enter text into fields? Respond correctly on phones as well as desktops? We have experience and can provide a solution that's right for you.