Data Integration Solutions

  • Data Manipulation

    Do you want your users to be able to upload a spreadsheet? Any spreadsheet? And generate spreadsheets from the website; not just simple sheets but complex workbooks? We have extensive experience not just of Excel programming, but also of the file format itself. We can enable you to provide the experience that your customers demand.

    We've worked with a huge variety of data formats, unpacking, manipulating and recreating formats such as XML and image files. We can do the research for you and tell you what is feasible, as well as suggesting better ways of managing the process. It's been our bread and butter from the start.

    Databases can become huge and complex, and even with the best of technologies they can become unmanageable. We know how to keep things simple, and how to transition to better structures and methods. We've become experts at manipulating queries and optimising for efficiency. Whatever your system, we can work with it to the best advantage.