Data Integration Solutions

  • GreenTree

    MYOB GreenTree ( has a long history providing ERP software platforms. We created e-commerce sites for several customers, and linked them to GreenTree. The connectors allow them to upload products and manage data on their website without requiring any security holes. Products, stock and specials are fed to the website, and orders are synchronised back to GreenTree. This ensures that the website is kept constantly up to date. One site also had a very complex pricing model where each customer could have different prices and visibility of products and categories. This presented enormous issues, but we implemented a system that would fetch prices on the fly, and allow different customer groups to see different product categories.

    Your ERP probably has quite a different data model to your e-Commerce site, particularly when it comes to things such as customers and product categorisation. We understand the complexities of converting between different models, and we can work with you to keep things as automated as possible.