Data Integration Solutions

  • Payment Gateways

    Paypal, POLi, PayStation, KiwiBank Fetch - There are so many payment gateways out there. Which one should you pick? We have experience of numerous online shops and ecommerce sites. We can advise you on the best payment gateway to choose, and link it for you into the system of your choice.


    Stripe is far more than a payment gateway. Yes, it can provide checkout functions, and perhaps the most secure credit card handling we've seen, but it can also automate your billing system. It can set up repeating subscriptions with trial periods and discounts, and if you them mid-month it will automatically pro-rata the next payment. It allows customers to keep multiple credit cards on file, and can trigger the generation of invoices for you. There is plenty more it can do. It's now available in New Zealand, and we have extensive experience in interfacing to it from online systems.